Some of you may have been wondering why you’ve seen the big red horse on Stryder trucks and trailers still riding down your local highways. With “Stay at Home” orders in place across North America, why are we still operating through the COVID-19 pandemic?

That’s because we’ve been identified as an essential service provider and a key contributor to the ongoing distribution of food, clean bottled water, packaging, and other products that you require on a daily basis.

Essential Services can be defined as those services critical for preserving the health and safety of everyone, as well as making sure that our populations can still function normally with basic, essential needs being met, especially during times of emergency, which is what people across the globe are experiencing right now. These services include first responders, law enforcement, transportation, manufacturing, sanitation, financial institutions, and critical infrastructure, among others.

The Supply chain services that Stryder provides belong to the Transportation sector, which has been classified as Essential by the federal government. We ensure that the goods you need are being supplied to everyone as we battle through the COVID-19 pandemic. We do this by taking care of the packaging, transportation, warehousing and distribution of the items you see every time you open your fridge, or visit your local grocery store.

Inside Stryder’s Operations, the presence of our staff members is required to transport and safely store these essential items, as well as our dedicated fleet of truck drivers and contractors who put themselves on the front line, day and night, to make sure grocery centers across the Pacific Northwest are staying supplied with food and beverages for all. We are extremely grateful and proud of the hard work these outstanding individuals, as well as those in other essential service industries, are doing to serve our communities during this crisis.

As one of the largest carriers in Western Canada, we will continue to operate as an essential service provider, and make the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our employees, and the individuals and families we proudly serve across Canada and the United States – We’re all in the fight together. Stay Safe and Keep on “Stryding”….