Stryder is excited to announce our collaboration with Blended For You Smoothies on the Blended For Stryder Wellness Initiative to make it easy for our teams to access healthy, immunity-boosting, energizing food with an easy on-the-go option. Blended’s smoothie meals are provided frozen in a wide variety of flavors using only vegan ingredients, and can be eaten in three ways: spooned right out of the bag, mixed manually in a shaker cup, or blended traditionally with your preferred liquid. The simplicity, convenience, and health-conscious nature of Blended For You has been a perfect fit for our employees’ busy work days, but it doesn’t end there. We’re also going outside the box to support front line healthcare workers through direct donation of Blended For You smoothie gift packages to care centers including Vancouver General Hospital, Richmond Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital, as well as other institutions in B.C. and Alberta.

We are hugely grateful to the individuals working at hospitals and medical facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, who show incredible dedication as they continue to make a difference for the well-being of our communities, as well as all other front line staff powering ahead in other essential industries. Whether stocked in the freezer to help begin each day with an ultra-nutritious fast meal, or fuel for their feet during those extra-long shifts, we’re working with Blended to make sure these amazing critical workers are nourished and energized for the #FightAgainstCOVID19.

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Blended For You was developed out of a passion for helping people eat well and live healthy, energetic lives. Blended’s complete-nutrition, superfood-boosted frozen smoothie meals are designed to provide a good balance of carbs, proteins and healthy fats with each pack, delivered directly to your door.  With over 20 unique blends for every taste preference, Blended is an ideal match for any personal health program, group wellness initiative, or general smoothie fix. You can blend them with liquid, eat them with a spoon right out of the bag, or mix them by hand with a shaker cup, and to top it off, Blended smoothies are gluten-free, soy-free and purely plant-based, with no added sugar.

During this unprecedented time we all find ourselves in, we hope that our donations to front line workers with Blended For You will help keep these amazing individuals nourished, energized, and powering forward for our communities.