After 5 years of long haul driving in 4 different companies, I settled down in Stryder and became a company driver in 2016. They not only have top pay rate but also have warm environment. People here are really care about drivers!!! They have a great team 24/7 dispatching for everyone and the most important thing is, they have a sufficient communication with each driver! They always give me notify for the changing road conditions and all kinds of alerts. They never give me forced dispatch and always taking care of me. Once I was stuck in Calgary, they sent me back by air and paid me for the hotel and food meanwhile! They not only have great people inside the building, but also have a wonderful mechanic team in the yard. They work 24/7 doing the maintenance and all kinds of repairs. They helped me a lot and saved me tons of time! There are up and downs in all companies but Stryder is my family!